Our Seeds 2019

Island Grown & Adapted,Open-Pollinated Garden Seeds


This is our third year selling our carefully selected, locally adapted seed to the public and to other small farmers! We are excited to offer these open pollinated varieties, tried and tested on our farms.

The seeds in our catalogue are listed by farm:

DC – Dunn Creek Farm, Murray Harbour North

*EE – Emmerdale Eden Organics, Summerside

PF – Pembroke Farm, Pembroke

SC – Sweet Clover Farm, Valleyfield

*SS – Seaspray Organics, Morell

Note: Most seeds sold by Seaspray Organics and Emmerdale Eden Organics are certified organic.

Seeds are $3.50 per package, plus $5.00 per order for shipping.

Here’s how to purchase our seeds:

In person:

Find seeds (in season) at the Charlottetown Farmers Market (Pembroke Farm), the Summerside Farmers Market (Emmerdale Eden Organics), and the Voluntary Resource Centre (81 Prince Street, Charlottetown).

By mail:

Contact Emmerdale Eden Farm: emmerdaleorganics@hotmail.com

And to see what’s available right now, click on the links:






Cucumbers and Melons

Herbs and Flowers

Lettuce, Kale, Spinach and Greens

Onions and Radishes


And you can print a handy double sided catalogue here: PEI Seed Alliance 2019 Seed Catalog and a bigger version is available for online viewing here: PEI Seed Alliance List 2019