Beaverlodge Slicer . EE-1622 [Certified Organic]

Bradley . EE-1623

Buckflat’s Wonder . EE-1624

65 days, Indeterminate. Hardy,blemish-free perfectly round red slicing tomato with fantastic flavour. Developed by Andy Pollock from Houston BC. Heavy producer and frost hardy to 2-3 degrees.

Eden Star . EE-1625

Harbinger . EE-1626

Legend  EE-1627

Indet. Large uniform glossy red slicer with good blight resistance. Great taste, prolific  and withstands adverse conditions. Legend  lives up to its name every year!

Morden Yellow . EE-1628

Pollock . EE-1629

65 days. Indet. Selection from Bonny Best for earliest, productivity + great flavour. Developed by Andy Pollock of northern B.C. Huge early production of rich-flavoured red 4-10oz. tomatoes ‎that just keep coming. Outstanding every year with good blight resistance. 

Quebec 5 . EE-1630

Yellow Perfection . EE-1631

Pink Beefsteak Slicer

Rosabec  EE-1632

Rose de Berne . EE-1633

Red Beefsteak Slicer

Bizhiki . EE-1634 .[Certified Organic Seed]

Bonnie Best . EE-1635

70 days. Indet. 1908. Old timer with old-fashioned flavour. Mid-season, medium- sized plant ‎with round red fruit and good flavour. Good under adverse conditions and good blight resistance. 

Druzba . EE-1636

Fundy . EE-1637

Italian  Heirloom . EE-1638

75-80 days. Indet. Outstanding all-purpose ‎Italian heirloom for eating fresh, canning or salsa. Huge abundance of big red1 lb meaty, easy to peel fruit with wonderful taste. Blemish free and blight resistant. 

Longkeeper  EE-1639

Nips . EE-1640

Old Brooks . EE-1641

West Virginia . EE-1642 .[Certified Organic Seed]


Pink Boar . EE-1643

Cavern . EE-1644 . [Certified Organic Seed]

Tigerella . EE-1645


Earl of Edgecombe . EE-1646

73 days, Indeterminate. Beautiful heirloom from New Zealand with fabulous rich sweet taste. ‎Fruits are round, blemish free & resistant to cracking & blossom end rot. When the 6th Earl of Edgecombe died in England, the next in line was a sheep farmer in NZ. When he returned to England to claim his title, he brought this tomato with him!.

Jaune Flamme . EE-1647

75 days. Indet. Beautiful rare  French heirloom with bright orange skin and reddish orange flesh. ‎Large cherry 2-3 oz which  grows in clusters producing high yields of tangy delicious fruits. Good for drying as flavour and colour intensifies. 

Moonglow . EE-1648

80 days, Indet. Bright orange ‎fruit is one of the best tasting of yellow/orange tomatoes with dense orange flesh with few seeds and a long shelf life. Very productive

Valencia . EE-1649

75 days. Indet. Gorgeous round smooth 8-10 oz meaty fruit  with few seeds ‎great flavour and texture. 

Woodle Orange . EE-1650

Woodle Orange‎: 80 days. Indet. Heirloom from Iowa. Large, round, blemish-free beautiful tangerine coloured fruit with fabulous taste and a good producer . A real hit at the farmers market. 


Blanche de Quebec . EE-1651 [Certified Organic Seed]

Cream Sausage . EE-1652 .[Certified Organic Seed]

Garden Peach . EE-1653

Indian Moon . EE-1654

Manye . EE-1655

Stefan’s Gold . EE-1656


Japanese Black Trifele . EE-1657

Kabuli Black . EE-1658

Paul Robeson . EE-1659

Purple Kalabash . EE-1660


Bellstar . EE-166

65 days. Det. Developed in 1981 by Dr. Jack Metcalf of Smithfield Experimental Station in Trenton, Ont. Cool season early red champion, maturing earlier than most plums, plus larger 4 oz. size. Compact plant with prolific quantities of rich- tasting fruit. Easy to pick, holds well in the field and great for fresh eating as well.

Gilberte Paste . EE-1662

85 days. Indet. Connecticut heirloom with large  long narrow red fruit, thick meaty flesh and a full rich flavour.  ‎Excellent for soup, sauces and for grilling. 

Principe Borghese . EE-1663

Purple Russian . EE-1664

Roma . EE-1665

80 days. Vigorous, hardy 2-3″ plum shape with thick meaty flesh and few seeds on a compact plant. ‎Very prolific. Good for spaces, paste and canning.

Ropreco . EE-1666

65 days. Det. A fine old Italian heirloom ‎ with great taste. A very early maturing bright red fruit with 30-35 meaty 2-3 oz tomatoes from each plant. Well suited to short seasons with good disease resistance. 

San Marzano . EE-1667


Bing . EE-1601

Black Cherry . EE-1602

Blondkopfchen . EE-1603  [Certified Organic Seed]

Doucet’s Petit Bec . EE-1604

Galina . EE-1605

75 Days, Indeterminate. Siberian heirloom that produces copious amounts of golden yellow cherries in long full clusters on a large sprawling plant‎. Flavour is sweet, rich  and complex. Good keepers, so great for market growers.

Gartenperle . EE-1606 .[Certified Organic Seed]

Josie’s Sungold . EE-1607

Minibel Naine . EE-1608

Pour Balcons . EE-1609

Pink Bumblebee . EE-1610

70 days, Indeterminate. Artisan pink round cherry with yellow/orange stripes – a real stunner! Excellent sweet ‎flavour.

Pink Princess . EE-1611 .[Certified Organic Seed]

Pink Tiger . EE-1612

Pink Tiger: 70 days, Indet. Beautiful elongated pink cherry with yellow / orange striping. Balanced sweet and acidic flavour.

Purple Bumblebee . EE-1613

Rideau Sweet Cherry . EE-1614

Sweet Orange II . EE-1618

Reisentraube . EE-1615 .[Certified Organic Seed]

Snow White . EE-1616

75 days, Indeterminate. Sweet & delicious light yellow to ivory cherry on long vines and great resistance to cracking in the greenhouse or outside. Produces heavily all season until frost.

Sunrise Bumblebee . EE-1617

70 days. Indet. Artisan yellow round cherry with red stripes + pink interior marbling. Excellent sweet and tangy flavour. 

Una Hartsock  EE-1619

Yellow Pear . EE-1620

70 -80 days. Indet. ‎1805. One of the oldest cultivated tomatoes. Brilliant yellow pear-shaped cherry with excellent sweet taste.

Large Yellow Pear . EE-1621